Thailands vegetarian festival

Just when I thought Thailand couldn’t surprise me any more with its weird and wonderful culture. BANG!! it did it again when I attended the vegetarian festival this month in Phuket. We woke… Continue reading

Travelling South East Asia? What to pack

Packing can sometimes be such a chore but then again it can also be very fun, its the start of a new adventure and you want to make sure you have everything. Theres… Continue reading

Did I make a deal with the Devil?

This title has been sat in my draft posts for months and lately I have been thinking about it and constantly asking myself this question. I thought it was time I started to… Continue reading

Upcoming Travel plans… I’m coming ‘home’

Recently I decided to return to my beloved Asia. In other words…HOME! I don’t really know why but I am craving some noodles a hell of a lot nowadays, the novelty of using… Continue reading

A guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai,¬†is the most popular city in the North of Thailand. It is now a major destination on most peoples itineraries and who can blame them. Chiang Mai offers a great mix of… Continue reading

A big mistake; I supported animal tourism

Recently it has come to light in the media about Tiger Temple in Thailand. A huge tourist attraction that allowed visitors to go and take that¬†breath-taking picture with fully grown tigers that you… Continue reading

Dear Asia. I’m sorry but I had to leave

I’m sorry I had to leave you. I just became to comfortable and anyone that knows me knows that I don’t like to be comfortable in places for to long.

Exploring Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Seville in Southern Spain

Andalusia is a rocky, sun-baked region on Spain’s Southern coast. It is what imagined Spain would be like when I first decided to come here, rich in Spanish culture from the sun, flamenco,… Continue reading

25 Travel Quotes to inspire your inner wanderlust

As I sit and scroll through the endless travel quotes on Instagram and Pinterest and finding enough inspiration and emotion in the words to keep my itchy feet at bay for a little… Continue reading

My favourite travel blogs

Ever since I found my wanderlust, the obsession with researching and reading about it also came as part of the package. I love reading other people’s inspiring travel stories. Most of the time… Continue reading